MYMANE-EVENT Where horse people connect....
MYMANE-EVENT                 Where horse people connect....


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This website is a "one stop" website for the average horse owner.

If you are looking for feed stores, tack stores, veterinarians, dentist, farriers, boarding barns, riding lessons, horse training, pony parties, trails or a comprehensive horse calender of events for the Tampa Bay area, this is the place for you. 

We want to "connect" horse people to things that intererest related businesses, horse related services, horse related activities, parks and trails and local events. Check out our UNIQUE tab for horse related businesses that are just a little different. 


These listings are not an endorsement. We only list businesses that have contacted us or approved us to list them on this website.......



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Please be patient while we continue to build the website. We are adding new vendors, parks & trails and events daily.


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