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Frequently asked Questions?

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F.A.Q.- Frequently Asked Questions



What does it mean when horses manes grow to one side?


The most common theory is that the side the mane grows on is the stronger side, or the side the horse has less trouble with, so if the mane grows to the right they may have more trouble taking their left lead.....



How long does a horse live?


At a recent British Equine Veterinary Association meeting, it was reported that the average horse lives 28 + 5 years and the conversion factor of 2.2 should be used to compare a horse's age to human years. The 45-year-old pony named Tawney, which was living in Thorold, Ontario (Canada) in 1999, was equivalent to a 99-year-old person.

from Dr. Bob Wright, Ontario Min. of Agriculture and Food, Fergus, Ontario, Canada



How do you tell how old a horse is if you don't know when they were born?


 It is possible to age a horse fairly accurately up to 10 years of age by their teeth. Whether they are first teeth, permanent teeth, the presence of incisor teeth, the length and slope of teeth--these all help to indicate a horse's age. It is more difficult to age adult horses by their teeth.

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