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Kids Corner - Riding Clubs, games, books, etc.

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Online Games




Books and Riding Clubs

              Got to check this out.

              A great magazine link for the young horse lover and rider, go online and see it.

Test yourself!

1)What breed of horse is in almost every horse today?

a. Welsh Pony

b. Arabian

c. Thoroughbred

2)A group of horses are called?

a. Posse

b. Gaggle

c. Herd

3)What is another name for a horse?

a. Equine

b. Canine

c. Bovine

4)Can horses vomit?


Something silly

What is the best way to lead a horse to water?

With lots of apples and carrots!


What disease is a horse afraid of getting?

Hay fever!


Why did the man stand behind the horse?

He was hoping to get a kick out of it!


A man rode to town on Friday and then again the next day on Friday, how is that possible?

His horse was named Friday!



1.   b

2.  c

3.  a

4.  a

F.A.Q. from kids


Why don't horses talk like us?


To make these sounds — and talk — humans use lungs, throat, voice box, tongue and lips. Over thousands of years, humans have evolved a longer throat and smaller mouth better suited for shaping sound.



How come horses can poop and walk or run at the same time?  :-)


Horses are a prey animal and so they are able to poop on the run. They do not have to stop for a potty break or they might get eaten!


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